P.E., CQE. 6 Sigma BB

Product Design Engineering


Summary of Qualifications:

  • Professional Engineer in 4 states.
  • Certified as a 6 Sigma Black Belt, and a Certified Quality Engineer (CQE) by ASQC.
  • Experienced professional, with an exceptional work ethic and sense of urgency toward project completion.



  • Design for Robustness to product development.
  • The focus entails 6 sigma methodologies to improve process throughput, while specifying appropriate manufacturing tools and processes.
  • Utilize Lean Engineering principles, as well as, 5S methodology.


Product Experience Range:

  • Applications range from Concept to CAD of components, subsystems and final assemblies.
  • The field of application spans Automotive / Aerospace / Structural / Energetic Industries.
  • Specifying dimensions, tolerances, GD&T, materials using hand calculations or FEA simulation.


Product Portfolio Design per Industry:

  • Automotive: BIW Structures / Closures / Static Sealing / Front End / Joint Striker Force HMVEE Exterior & Interior Package Architecture; Concept, Calculations, Design, Detail, Release.
  • Aerospace: Compressor Vanes / Cases /Fixtures; Design, Detail & GD&T.
  • Aerospace: Aircraft Interior Design – Seating Systems.
  • Structural: Industrial and Hangar Door Systems; Concept, Design and Detail.
  • Energetics: Dies, Vacuum Casting Chambers, Tooling; Concept, Calculation, Design and Detail.



  • Mechanical Engineer – Master of Science,    1990 WayneStateUniversity, Detroit, Michigan
  • Mechanical Engineer – Bachelor of Science, 1988 Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan



  • Registered Professional Engineer; P.E. State of Michigan/ Pennsylvania/Ohio/West Virginia
  • 6 Sigma Black Belt; Ford Motor Company
  • Certified Quality Engineer; C.Q.E. by ASQC 1997-2002


CB&E LLC, Canton MI (Contract Engineering)

Various Clients in OH/MI/TX/IL

(06/2014 – Present)

Principal Design Engineer


  • Concept / Design / Calculation; Solar Roof – Chicago Public Schools- (Sustainability Project).
  • Concept / Design / Hand Calculation and FEA of Sprockets and Disk Brakes for High Fatigue Life to Weight ratio, using COSMOS FEA.
  • “Primary Traction” concept for Class 8 Trucks, using NX7.
  • “Spear Gun” concept using Catia V5 R16.
  • Design of Cell Tower platform expansions and structures. Calculate loads and size the structures. Release structure drawings for manufacture and install activities, using Solidworks 64.
  • Designed a core of vacuum infusion molding with epoxy resin and a Nickel Shell overlay for a lightweight sprocket design.
  • Investigated the feasibility to use Metal Injection Molding to reduce cost of sprocket manufacturing.
  • DRW (Dynamic Resistance Welding); designed a Military Vehicle Space Frame for weight reduction utilizing the technology.
  • Specified Structural Weldments; Hand Calculations, & FEA, to determine Size and Type (Metal Arc Welding).
  • Determined an Automotive Dash Panel application for “Blind Welding” regarding Plasma Arc Welding.

CB&E LLC, Canton MI (Contract Engineering)

Zodiac Aerospace, Gainesville TX

(01/2013 – 05/2014)

Senior Technical Lead / Supervisor / Project Engineer


  • Supervised over 24 Designers and Engineers and Consulted 8 Design Engineering Groups.
  • Economy and Premium Economy Seat Design and Configuration.
  • Technical Lead on Food Tray Assemblies/ In Arm Video Assemblies / Business Class Options
  • Customer Issues Resolution; Technical leader.
  • Concept Development of a Video Arm using 1 way clutch bearing and friction.
  • Implementation of Lean Engineering Principles during Design Process.
  • Fatigue analysis Hand Calculations
  • Fatigue analysis utilizing  COSMOS / FEA
  • Tolerance Stack and RSS for mating parts.
  • Fit Tolerance specification.
  • Mentor on engineering methodology and applications to product development.
  • Project Engineer for CATHAY Pacific, leading several engineers.
  • Kinematics / Kinetics / Force Analysis of mechanisms.
  • Development of Energy Absorption systems using Fundamental Engineering Principles.
  • Concept D; Structural Analysis analytically and COSMOS FEA to support the team.
  • Supervisor for up to 14 engineers and designers.
  • Designed and prototyped Pre-preg Carbon Fiber panels for seats and cocktail trays.
  • Designed and prototyped Business Class enclosures using hand lay up of epoxy and polyester resins.


CB&E LLC, Canton MI (Contract Engineering)

Spectra Technologies LLC, East Camden AR

(10/2010 – 1/2013)

Lead Manufacturing Engineer / Structural Technical Resource

  • Created Solid Models of Components / Subsystems / Final Product using Solidworks 2011 & 2012.
  • Created Facility Layouts featuring Manpower, Equipment and Work Cells, utilizing AutoCad 2012.
  • Concept, Calculation, & CAD of production tools, using Solidworks 2011 and 2012.
  • Wrote several SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) before the start of any process.
  • Trained work force on using the tools and following the SOP for safety and productivity.
  • Planned, directed and coordinated the production efficiently.
  • Time studies and removal of non-value added efforts.
  • Led the Production Team during product launch from 15 – 25 employees.
  • Tested the explosives per SOW with the NAVY.
  • Realized Productivity improvements by organizing resources effectively like machines available, workforce available, workspace.
  • Projects include:
    • 500 Ton Press; CAD / Hand Calculations & FEA on thread strength.
    • 500 Ton Press; Hand Calculations / FEA on Die design safety against bulge during operation.
    • Casting Issues with Slow Moving Explosive; Hand Calculations and Flow Analysis using Solidworks 2012 to improve the flow of the explosive.
    • Heat Stake machine; Hand Calculation of the cooling rate experienced due to pressurized air.
    • CAD of Vacuum Casting Chamber / Casting Nozzles / Dies / Punches /Drying Tables.
    • Concept / Calculation / CAD of Overhead Beam and brackets for Hoist Trolley Mount.



CB&E LLC, Canton MI (Contract Engineering)

IDI, Canton MI

(1/2009 – 10/2010)

Structural Design Engineer


  • Concept and Design of Commercial Door Structures; Wind and seismic load calculations, design of door structures to the requested deflection value, sizing of gearbox, motor, sheaves, wire rope, counterweight tower and development of the General Arrangement Drawing for Architectural review and approval. Design and detail of every component for manufacturing, using AutoCad 2009.
  • Concept, Design, Calculation of a brake system for a Vertical Lift Door System, using Catia V5.
  • Manufacturing Engineering Projects; Design of Tools and Calculations for Energetic Products.

CB&E LLC, Canton MI (Contract Engineering)

Rolls Royce, Indianapolis IN

(5/2008 – 1/2009)

Product Design Engineer


  • Redesigned the 1st – 4th Stages of an energy unit (501-KB) to improve reliability, using UG NX4
  • MRB actions to support production.
  • Led an Accident investigation team, regarding Helicopter Case rapture.
  • Designed 3 turbine compressor cases & vane assemblies, to validate their drawings, using UG NX4
  • Investigated abradable sealers for military application, of 501K engine.
  • Involved in supplier development.
  • Redesigned fixtures to eliminate vane warping during Brazing process, using UG NX4.
  • Redefined drawings, updated GD&T strategy to the latest standards.
  • Designed CNC machining fixture to remove abradable sealer from Compressor Case.
  • Designed Instrumentation; Slip Ring / RTD / Thermocouple to Stub Shaft interface.



The Gateway Group LLC, Westland MI

(7/2002 – 4/2008)

Plant Manager / Chief Engineer / Operation Manager


  • Day to day activities, with direct P&L responsibilities, for $14 million budget.
  • Time studied each operation and worked to reduce the non value added handling per part.
  • Actively participated in the RFQ process whether issued, or received.
  • Reviewed payroll and approved it before it was turned over to accounting.
  • Approved vacation schedule for all employees (approximately 22 all together).
  • Dealt with account managers from raw material suppliers, stamping manufacturers, and injection molding facilities.
  • Supervised both incoming and outgoing material inspections and reviewed the Quality Data of each.
  • Trained personnel on SOP for each product line.
  • Trained personnel for Safety and company rules.
  • Planned production of batched material such as sealers / adhesives / foam / 2K epoxies
  • Scheduled material transportation and verified that material was shipped as planned.
  • Dealt with preventive maintenance of equipment and authorized downtime and repair schedule.
  • Concept development of product line, engineering, calculations, design, tool procurement.
  • Converted steel plug assemblies to Injection Molded plastic ones to reduce part count and improve cost.
  • Developed Sealers assemblies for wheelhouse applications.
  • Created Service Kits for dealership repairs.
  • Cost reduction designs which involved sealants or adhesives.
  • Designed fixtures to accommodate spray able wheelhouse sealer on a cladding component.





Ford Motor Company, Dearborn, MI

(08/1988 -06/2002)

Sigma Black Belt-Certified (06/1999 – 6/2002)

  • Leader of 4 quality teams, tasked with resolving high impact items utilizing the DMAIC process, and reported actions and results to upper management.
  • Reduced Door Closing Efforts and improved fits on Ford Mustang.
  • Eliminated “Crab walk” on Convertible top.
  • Reduced the Gap of the Quarter Window to the Door Glass.
  • Eliminated paint bubbles form SMC deck lid.


Product Design Engineer (6/1992 – 5/1999)

  • Designed and packaged many systems which include: Front End, Battery Tray, Shock Towers, Load Beams, Brackets, Roof, Quarter Panels, Wheelhouses, Package Tray, Roof Headers, B-Pillar, C-Pillar, and S.M.C. (Sheet Metal Compound) Trunk.
  • Worked on prototype models made out of vacuum formed / wet lay up fiber glass process.
  • Designed and run tests and trials to specify the following: Sealers, Adhesives, Plastics, Foam and Dampeners to improve NVH, Quality, Manufacturability and Cost.
  • (TQE) Total Quality Engineering / DFSS methodology was followed, to safeguard the product integrity.
  • “Cradle to Grave” design responsibility, for components and sub-systems.


Program / Project Manager (6/1990 – 5/1992)

  • Timely resolution of product issues.
  • Coordinated the prototype builds and launched four vehicles for final production.


Quality Control Engineer (08/1988 5/1990)

  • Supplier development, established CP/CPk, to qualify process capability.
  • Determine Gage R&R and performed inspection studies.
  • Determined sample size for statistical analysis, per process.



  • PATENT US5390974 Variable Hardness Weather Strip.
  • Authored 2 books.
  • Designed a versatile sports car structure and presented it to management.



Contact Info:


  • Cell: (940)-902-0401




  • Skype: peter.k.theodorakakos